The A-side, ‘J’accuse Ted Hughes’ is a previously unreleased 22 minute drone-piece recorded by Sonic Youth at the All Tomorrows Parties Festival in the UK April 2001. At ATP the band previewed instrumental and early versions of songs from the then soon-to-be recorded ‘NYC Ghosts and Flowers’ and performed this premiere + exclusive performance of ‘J’accuse Ted Hughes’.
The B-side, ‘Agnes B Musique’ is a soundtrack-style piece recorded at the band’s own Murray Street Studio in 2001 for a never-to-be realized collaboration with French clothing designer Agnes B. This 18 minute long musical piece was recorded with a 5-piece version of SY, the 4 members of SY being joined by Jim O’Rourke who also mixed ‘Agnes B Musique’.



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